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Ever wondered what's cooking in the Pipedrive kitchen?

From NOW, we'll start posting "some" of the planned work our development and product teams are working on, right here on the What's planned? topic inside the Pipedrive Sales community 🚀

John replied 4 days ago

Limit who sees the chatbot by IP or by Wordpress Role

Hi, I would like to be able to hide the chatbot for users by IP address so internal users visiting the web site don't count as hits, and don't see it and end up opening leads by accident. Also, if I'm logged into wordpress I don't want to see this. With the Divi theme the page editor has the chatbot in it also, not sure about the WP block editor.

Mike liked a reply 4 days ago

Quote/estimate in foreign currency.

My company is located in Canada and we carry a vehicle that is priced in USD. I am looking for help to include in my quote that will protect me should the USD change dramatically. I am looking to protect both the company and our clients.

Lucille liked an hour ago

Planned: more features in Leads Inbox 📥

As we continue to fine-tune and expand Leads Inbox's capacities (see this post), there are still things up our sleeve that we want to bring you over the course of the following months, such as...

  • Custom fields
  • Selectable columns
  • Bulk actions
  • Exporting Leads
  • Email integration
  • Calling integration
  • Leads in the mobile app
  • Leads Insights
  • Leads included in Workflow Automation

As you can probably tell, we've been hearing your feedback and taking notes. 😉

Learn more about Leads Inbox from our Knowledge Base and our Academy.

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