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Welcome to the Sales Community by Pipedrive!

Do you want to Beta-test and get early access to new features and help with research initiatives? 

Join the "Research & Beta testing" channel on this community and give your input to the Pipedrive product team!

Nick replied 2 days ago

Introducing our new “Ask Me Anything” Live Series: Ask Questions From Experts in the Sales/Marketing Industry

Register here

First Live Broadcast Wednesday, June 10th, 4PM GMT/12PM EST

Who: Pipedrive CEO, @Timo Rein and Global Head of Customer Success, Gustavo Bianco

Session focus: Sales - Past/Present/Future & Retainment of Customers through Optimization/Tools

Got a question?... (More)

Mike replied 2 days ago

Why did you start using Pipedrive?

Hi PipeDrivers 🚀

At one point in time, you were all looking for a new tool to help you and your team get organized in your processes.

We are curious to learn which tools you were considering at that time... (More)

Inês liked 2 days ago

In Case You Missed It: June 2020

Let us take you through all the latest feature updates including Leads Inbox, Data Fields, Workflow Automation improvements and much more!

More info here