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🔴🎙️ Live Webinar with Neil Patel on May 24th : 7 Strategies That Will Get Powerful Results For Your Marketing and Sales Teams

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Learn 7 Strategies that will achieve powerful results for Sales and Marketing Teams

  • Engage your audience. 🤩
  • Create targeted, high-converting ads. 🎯
  • Maximize ROI with your email list. 📈

Neil Patel is a NY Times Best Selling Author, and named a "Top Influencer by Wall Street Journal". He also happens to be a Pipedrive advocate who believes just as much as we do that strategically aligning Sales and Marketing is key to maximizing your ROI. 

Neil will be joined by the CEO of Saleshive, Brendan Burnett, and Pipedrive CMO, Heidrun Luyt, to discuss actionable strategies that will not only help you target your audience more affectively, but will unify your brand's messaging, and streamline your email strategy.

🗓️ When?: Join us on Tuesday, May 24th at 8am PST (3pm GMT) 
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Why is brand storytelling important?

Many marketers and sales reps are trained to think technically, please algorithms and analyze data, especially those working in (SEO) and PPC advertising. 

This less creative way of thinking has its place in building brand awareness, but research tells us brands must engage buyers on a human level to create the types of meaningful connections that lead to sales.

Harvard Business School Professor Gerald Zaltman reported from his research that 95% of consumers’ thinking (i.e. their buying decisions) takes place in the subconscious mind. 

So, even though most people believe they’re using rational thought when choosing brands and products, emotion is in control and storytelling suits this well.

Great stories have lasting effects on their audiences, lasting effects that can be valuable for businesses. 

While every brand’s story is different, there will always be structural similarities you can follow.

Click here to learn how to tell a great brand story that turns prospects into buyers, followers and advocates.

Pipedrive Podcast by Evolve: #20 SalesScreen – Sindre Haaland

Evolve Sales Director, Bruce Bignell, talks all things SalesScreen and Pipedrive with CEO & Founder Sindre Haaland.  

SalesScreen is a global gamification platform that keeps modern teams motivated, rewarded and engaged, they're on a mission to help our clients create the sales atmosphere of their dreams.   


- How SalesScreen empowers sales teams to grow 

- Gamification to motivate sales teams 

- Use case for Sales Screen 

- Founders journey 

- How Sindre sets up SalesScreen 

- Tips to take your gamification to the next level  

Interested in giving SalesScreen a try? 


Check out the SalesScreen demo: 


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