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🎯 How to Focus Your Brain on What You Need It to Focus on

It's Monday, that time of the week. Use the Zeigarnik effect to your advantage.
It's Monday, that time of the week. Use the Zeigarnik effect to your advantage.

Our own @Jaana Metsamaa wrote about how to "trick" your brain into doing what you need it to do and what's the reasoning behind it that makes it work. 

Spoiler alert: it's a 












😉 Read all about it here.

Mental Load: Women’s Invisible Workload

You are probably familiar with the term gender care gap, but are you familiar with the term “mental load”?


Over the past few years, the subject of mental load (sometimes also known as cognitive load) has garnered more and more interest. Especially since the French comic artist Emma published her now-famous comic about women and mental load in the Guardian.


Mental load can be defined as all the work that keeps a household running but stays invisible – and in heterosexual couples it’s often women taking on this mental load. Studies have found that women spend more time on tasks like childcare and domestic chores than men.


In this article, we take a closer look at what the term means and how you can overcome it.

Recurring Activities in Pipedrive: Looking to speak with customers for research

Dear Pipedrive community, 

In case you missed my previous post, we’re currently researching recurring/repeating activities in Pipedrive. This would impact your activity, calendar and list views. We’d like to speak to you and understand your needs, use cases and the current pains you’re facing on this topic. 

Criteria: You create at least 1 activity every week and you also have calendar-sync currently active. 

Please schedule a time on my calendar here. (Preferably on 6th or 7th Dec) 
The call would take around 30-45minutes of your time and will be done over a Zoom video call. 

Thank you and looking forward to speaking with some of you here :) 


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