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Welcome to the Sales Community by Pipedrive!

Ever wondered what's cooking in the Pipedrive kitchen?

From NOW, we'll start posting "some" of the planned work our development and product teams are working on, right here on the What's planned? topic inside the Pipedrive Sales community 🚀

Mike replied 6 minutes ago

Why is Outlook Calendar agenda (including PRIVATE) visible to everyone in company via PipeDrive Activities?

Hi, we wanted to use the 2way synchro in our outlook 365 / PipeDrive solution, but had to switch it off because you could click on activities and choose anyone from the team and see all his/her outlook calendar agenda and even the one which was in outlook marked as PRIVATE. That is really weird. We can live with sharing but the privacy option should be functionable also in PipeDrive Activities not only in Outlook 365. Someone told me that in gsuite this is not an issue, but we do not want to switch from outlook to corporate gmail. Funny... (More)

Mike replied 18 minutes ago

Planned: @-mentioning of your colleagues is coming!

Soon you'll be able to tag your colleagues in a note on that important deal while notifying them about your message to them. Communication is key and we want to make sure you can do this right on your important sales data.

📝Please note 📝

Pipedrive reserves the right to modify and update the features in the What's planned?  topic and does not communicate exact timelines for delivery.

Mike replied 18 minutes ago

Product discount option has been removed

I just noticed that the discount option from the Add New Deal window is no longer available. This was really useful for us. Now we have to first create the deal, then open it and insert the discount. It's an extra step in the process :(

I hope this can be changed as it was before.