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Sales Processes - Topic of the week

❓ Are you more of a ‘method to the madness’ or ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ type of planner❓

A clear, repeatable sales process enables you to understand exactly what you need to do to succeed. It also helps you to plan out a well-defined sales cycle that can generate more revenue with less effort.

It's a map that tells you exactly which activities you need to be doing, and when you need to do them. 

Click below to ask questions and share knowledge about Sales Processes in your industry, in your country, in your work.

New: Mentions and Comments for all plans (web app + mobile app) 💬 💬


  • Tag your colleagues in your notes, bringing their attention to deals, organizations, or contact people.
  • Collaborate more efficiently so that everyone can keep their work on track.
  • Comment underneath your mentions or notes, allowing for simple, fast, communication with your team.

For whom?

All users in all plans.

What can I do with it?

  • Mention a colleague: simply type @ in your notes, and select your their name from the dropdown list.
  • Comment under notes after being mentioned: communicate directly with your colleagues on any ongoing collaborations.
  • Email notifications: opt in or out of getting them for mentions... (More)

🚀 Community Tip: update your profile to advertise your business and connect with others 🚀

Optimize your member profile for success. Let other members know what you're all about every time you post, facilitating knowledge sharing and business connections.

Go to upper right corner > click your photo/initials > Edit Profile:

  • “About You” tab:
    • Photo: put a face to the name, upload a picture of you or your company logo. Minimum size: 200 x 200 pixels.
    • Title: what’s your job role? It will be visible when you post.
    • About You: let other community know a little about you as a person, details about your work experience, or your company’s values and mission statement. Two good... (More)

Do you face “I am not interested ” objections in your sales calls? 🙅

I am sure you must have. The usual response is putting the call down.

Instead of that Kyle Coleman, VP of sales at a revenue operations platform tried something else. This is what you can use as well -

Ask them - “What are you interested in right now?”

Many times you will find out that your prospects have a much more pressing issue to solve and do not have time to hear your pitch.

Once your call is done, immediately follow up with an article with useful information on the topic they are solving for.

After 5 days, follow... (More)

John Shelburne
Sales Lead Generation

This little tip just saved me from punting Pipedrive.

If you are syncing your emails and frustrated by the noise in your inbox, then you were like me. The lack of custom filters defines frustration. Then Stacey in support showed me this feature that is probably not used enough. 

I took a course on gmail and was converted to a believer of inbox zero. Lots and lots of filters exisit in my gmail.

In the email sync there is a feature that cannot be praised enough.

The only information that is coming into Pipedrive mail are notifications of demo request and free trials.