Automatically adding multiple contact persons into a deal?

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Hi Pipedrive, Developers. I would like to know how it is possible to automatically add multiple contact persons into a deal. I usually work with Excel and then import the sheet. I know that one way is to add them manually to ‘Participants’, but with a huge amount of institutions to deal with, it is not optimal, so I would look for something that is possible already in excel. I have tried to have multiple rows of the same deal and organisation, hence everything the same, except for the contact person part, but then when importing, it just creates more deals and organisations instead of doing creating one with more people. Is there another way to add more people other than that manual way? Could you try to make something like that possible in the future?


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    Hi @CloudGuide !

    The reason why multiple deals are getting created is because Pipedrive doesn't have a deal duplicate detection rule, so it reads your spreadsheet as multiple deals that have the same name and Organization linked to them. 

    To update data into any item that already exists in Pipedrive with a spreadsheet, the best method is using the ID, as shown in this article. That way you guarantee no unwanted duplicates are created: How can I update my Pipedrive data with a spreadsheet?


    As you may have noticed while importing, unfortunately there is no mapping field for Participants, only for People in Deals. One method some users employ is adding the names of the Person of Contact and the Participants in the same cell, separated by a semicolon for example. Unfortunately this generates a behaviour that's not always consistent, as not always the first name gets assigned as Person of Contact and the remaining ones get assigned as Participants; the order may vary and that's not the desired result. This is something we're aware of and I will reinforce it by sending your feedback internally to our team.

    If you're comfortable using API it may be your best bet to add Participants to a Deal, by using this endpoint after the deal has been created.

    We're sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing and thank you for your patience and for detailing your use case so clearly. We're always open to feedback for improvement! 🚀
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