Do you need DATE fields to work in workflow automation? (e.g. automated notification if customized d

Do you need DATE fields to work in workflow automation? (e.g. automated notification if customized date or expected close date changes)
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  • Kelly Franznick
    Kelly Franznick Posts: 10
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    It is frustrating to have date fields not behave the same way as other fields when creating automations. My use case if having an estimated start date on a deal and I'd like to trigger a slack notification if one of my sales team changes the start date.
  • Pipedrive admin
    edited September 2020 #3
    It believe they have over complicated this and want to add date dependencies based on date field value. Which would be awesome, but for a for minimal effort perspective, they should simply track regular statuses of that field first (empty, changed, etc). This would already give a huge value for a little effort for users.
  • Martin Pecha_2338
    Martin Pecha_2338 Posts: 192
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    edited October 2020 #4
    I still work with a workaround - (zapier + filter based on time period) + workflow automation
  • Brian Quade
    Brian Quade Posts: 16
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    In my opinion, there are too many limitations yet on workflow automations. we should be able to trigger off of lead generation, lead activity, dates (custom date field, estimated close date etc...)
  • Luciana Ayala
    Luciana Ayala Posts: 6
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    I have to work around this via Zapier, in our case we need Deals to change stage at certain date (Custom Field value)
  • Brad Krause_13404
    Brad Krause_13404 Posts: 518
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    I’m amazed this isn’t supported yet. I’m simply looking to trigger an email to the deal owner if and when a date is changed in the deal details and to be able to display that new date in the email body. Very surprised this can’t be done.
  • Rob Dash_6161
    Rob Dash_6161 Posts: 14
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    when a scheduled date is altered, I want to automate an email notification to the contacts