Who wants to keep the original pipedrive interface/navigation?

Who wants to keep the original pipedrive interface/navigation?
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  • Mamoun Hefni
    Mamoun Hefni Posts: 5
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    It feels you're lost the first 2-3 times, then you get to know that it's practical 

  • Leanne Clark
    Leanne Clark Posts: 8
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    I am not a fan at the moment of the new notification format with pipedrive. The new version sends multiple notifications for the same entry. I have also lost my deal & contact update email & activity reminder email from my pipedrive dashboard. Too many glitches and wish the old format was still available :(

    Also are other pipedrive users finding issues when you go to following screen it freezes and does not allow you to scroll down? This issue is a problem in deals, people and organization tabs for our company. We have pipedrive ticket open but it has been over 30 days and still no resolution for either problem.

    Wondering why other users prefer the new version?
  • Direção Fibersals
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    The print view for the new navigation is kinda weird as it cuts the viewport vertically.
    Amazingly, in 2020, we still have to print some deals.
  • Evelina Mitro
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    @Leanne Clark Hi Leanne! Apologies for the inconvenience with the bugs that have affected your notifications. This version of Sales Assistant is in beta and we are working on improving it, but I can, of course, put you back to the old version for the time being. It would also be very helpful to hear more of your feedback. Can I contact you directly to discuss this?