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Marco Govoni
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A little thing, but... important: when editing a Web Form, is NOT possible to re-order fields with drag and drop... you have to delete all fields if you want to reorder or insert one new before another :-(

So, in the future I hope web forms will be more customizable (like Google Forms!), in particular to insert text between fields, more colors and template, and more :-)

Because web forms are.... one of the best way to collect data from another source :-)

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Marco Govoni , thank you for your feedback!

    We are actually revamping our webforms feature to make it better as we speak, so I will definitely send your suggestion over to the team for consideration.

  • Hossein Mohsenian_3938
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    Absolutely! That's what I was thinking of last week while I was doing my 1st 2 website pages integrated! Good thinking.

  • KB
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    Hello @Inês Batata we use several web forms for various purposes and it would be a real plus to have the details in the prospecting box of which form the lead came from!

    Thanks !