Hi folks. I stumbled upon a little quirk in Pipedrive that I am hoping the dev team can fix, but I'd

Hi folks. I stumbled upon a little quirk in Pipedrive that I am hoping the dev team can fix, but I'd also like to see if you have run into this issue. /// We recently upgraded to Professional and are checking out the new tools, such as Group Emails. In order to properly merge Data Fields into an email for each recipient, you need to send a Group Email. To send a Group Email, you need to select one or more Contacts from List view using the checkbox. BUT the checkbox does not show up if you have "Bulk edit items" turned off in permissions. Which we have turned off because we want to limit Users making big mistakes. So our regular users cannot send Group Emails! /// So... can Group emails be accessed in another way to decouple it from the bulk edit feature? Who else is running into this issue? Thanks!
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  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    Hey, Josh!
    Thank you for the post and bringing awareness towards the fact that bulk emals are tied to bulk edit feture.
    I can see that indeed, bulk emails can only be sent using bulk-edit window at the moment!
    I will make sure to pass that over to product manager to explain the situation you are facing.
    For the time being - if you are afraid that your users will modify some customer custom fields - you can create an automation of this sort: https://sharing.pipedrive.com/Z92oPt

    It will check and, f.e. if a deal is on a late stage of Pipeline and a custom field has been modified - you can auto-restore the value with this automation

    But if that is not helping - perhaps you can reach out to our support using in-app or [email protected] to contact us?

    Thank you in advance,
    Kind regards,
  • Jacob_36470
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    Having the same issue here. We would like the ability to mass email, without enabling the option for our users to catastrophically ruin data. What is the timeline for this?
  • Helio_2884
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    @Jacob Hello Jacob, at the moment, we don't yet, have a way only to allow group emailing. That being said, recently we added a warning window that alerts users before making any sort of bulk edit. Here's what it looks like - https://sharing.pipedrive.com/BQsxNe
  • Josh Monifi
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    Yup, these two functions are linked by these permissions. We ended up creating a new user group out of our folks that needed group emailing but didn't need all of the admin capabilities.