Hello, One of my lead just told me that my service is of interest to them but that it is not the rig

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Hello, One of my lead just told me that my service is of interest to them but that it is not the right moment for them to buy. How would you recommend me to handle the lead in Pipedrive ? Shall I leave it open with a task to catch up in 6 months ? Shall I close the lead and open a new one in 6 months ? How do you handle such cases where nothing will happen in the next 6 months but you do not want to close the lead and forget about it. Thanks David
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    that is a great question - we have a stage named To be contacted, where we put there these events as open deals with activity reminder, BUT!

    There are some answers, we still discuss - should we close the deal as lost in particular stage? should we move the same deal back to stage To be contacted? 

    It is a question how you define and measure sales cycle and if you need the information, in which stage the deal ended.

    There is also another question, whether you should reopen lost deals after time or create a new one.

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    Hi @David Brun , this a great question on a situation that I'm sure other users have faced. What to do when a leads goes "into the ice box" ? 

    There have been some really interesting discussions about this here in the community that I think may inspire you:

    I'd also like to call on the expertise of @Bernd Auer , @Amit Sarda , @Marco Govoni , @Marcelo Silva to share some ideas with you. 💭

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    Here, we manage several pipelines in parallel as some engineering projects might take months and even more than a year to flourish and start selling. So we have a pipeline called PROJECTS where all the previous work "data gathering-study-negociation" matter is managed and another pipeline called SALES where the deals are created when a sale really starts (the lead is technically convinced and is asking for a specific quote). A single project might lead to selling products, equipments and services to the same client with often recurrent sales. Each time a sale comes up from a project (like a tree that gives fruits), a new deal in SALES is opened that will later himself automatically generate a new Follow-up SALES Deal when the first sale is marked as won. So back to your question, in my case, I would let the PROJECTS Deal open with a Follow-up task due date in 6 months and when the real sale momentum comes up, I start managing it from a new SALES Deal. This is also a way to manage technical info on one side and administrative/financial transactions on the other one and not pile up tons of material in the same deal... more if the sale is a recurrent one. Am I clear enough ? Not 100% sure of it. Hope this helps.

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    If a lead says yes, but not the right time now, we will label this lead as 'It needed nurture' ( stage in a pipe) and we will keep in touch.
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    @Bert Calatz thanks , cool