I see there are several SMS solutions in the marketplace. We don't want to only send text/SMS messag

I see there are several SMS solutions in the marketplace. We don't want to only send text/SMS messages from PD, but we also want to capture a txt/sms exchange that the sales rep and the customer might have using the reps phone. Is anyone using one of the 3rd party apps in that way?
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  • Paul Wood_29660
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    I too am looking for a similar solution. I'm not interested in sending Txt messages via PD. I just want any exchanges of txt message conversation that happens with my team to be recorded in the PD person profile, just like a note or email. Help anyone :)
  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Daniel Steyn , your question is an interesting use case! I've pinned it to the main feed to give it more visibility, hopefully some other members here will have some words of wisdom for you.

    @Amit Sarda have you had any similar cases and what solution did you use? Thanks! 

  • Nate Oskar
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    We are working on a solution using Ringcentral and Zapier. I will post if we make any progress and also follow for info! Thank you for asking.
  • Jeremy Gulley_11062
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    Many of the cloud solutions in the marketplace will work for this functionality and sync on the backend. I have a couple clients that have really wanted a full integration for mobile to track all rep interaction but, it's a tough problem to solve as the user tends to default back to their native dialer or sms app. There are a few ways to make this work though. I use Simplii in a few scenarios but, JustCall gets the job done as well. Both have an app that, as long as the user does their interaction though the platform, will track everything into Pipedrive. I'd love for Pipedrive to allow for another default app other than the native or whatsapp on iOS but, still haven't been able to start the conversation or understand if this is possible @Maret Kruve 

    Curious to hear what you figure out as I'm always looking for better mobile solutions as well.