I would like to know if you can change the field selection of certain types of clients, perhaps depe

Lynne Hobbs
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I would like to know if you can change the field selection of certain types of clients, perhaps depending on their label? I've tried creating a workflow but it doesn't work. So I have clients of a certain type that require different fields to other companies. If you include all the fields for all the types, it ends up so long a list it's unworkable. If you could select the fields in the contact card depending on 'type' (label) this would be jolly useful.
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  • Luca Colombi
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    I have the same problem with a financial service client. They have sales & brokers type of users. Each with different pipelines stage needs and different custom fields requirements. I can create different pipelines but I cannot assign fields to different pipelines, users or teams. Sales rep ends up seeing 50 custom fields that are only required by the brokers but totally irrelevant to sales. Also, would be nice to be able to hide from the Lead/Deal Add View 'Default fields' when not required.
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    Hello Lynne , thank you for your survey! This is not yet possible I'm afraid, but is being considered by the team for a future update. I have added the topic "Feedback & Suggestions" to your post, so your request is automatically forwarded internally to our developers as a note for consideration 📝

    In the meantime I recommend:

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