Activities / Sales lead Priority Colours Coding

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We would like to see possibility to change Text Colour or even Text Background on activities list / sales leads to make sure it's never missed. 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    @CEO can you explain a bit more why you need this? So is this for the pipeline and the activity list? Activities already change colour when they become due or overdue and for deals you can set a rotting time:

  • CEO_329
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    Hey Mike. Thanks for your message. 

    Basically we have a pipeline with certain stages and we assign various activities for our employees.  These activities usually have certain dates when they need to be done - besides of other activities assigned to the deal. 

    As our people have many different activities scheduled for certain days and not always are able to finish them all, we would like to be able to somehow mark the ones that are the most important to us. To make things a little bit more complicated - they are added at various stages :-) 

    I hope this clear our intentions - and if you have any further questions please let us know! 

  • Ashley Lang
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    I agree with this feature however for me it would be helpful if I could colour code the Deal tiles on the Deals tab so within a swimlane I could use colouring to denote deals of different types or priority.

  • Zac Zinman
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    Colour coding of deals (outside of the colour change to RED for Rotting Deals) would be incredibly helpful.

    We have several stages (columns) that have sub-stages within those columns. 

    It would also allow me to view all users, and potentially see specific deals based on the colour coding (for whatever reason that we have colour coded).

    Colour coding would mean I don't have to click in the deal to see these details...



  • Ashburton Sales
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    I have just asked again, for the same reasons.

    Hopefully if enough people ask we might get somewhere.