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When I have automation set up to send off an email, it is not including the email signature.

Is there a way to include it (each sales agent has their own signature and any of them can trigger the automation)  or do I need to set a general business signature to include within the template instead?


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    Hi @Martin Pavion !

    To include the email signature in the email that gets sent by the automation, when creating the Action make sure to click "+ Click to add more fields" and tick the box for "Use Signature"; then select "Yes". See an example in this quick animation.

    Keep in mind that even if any user can trigger this automation, if you only create it for yourself what will happen is that the email will be sent from you, not from other users' email even when it's them doing what triggers the automation.

    If your goal is that an email gets sent from the user that makes the automation trigger, then each of the will have to create the same automation as you have in their own account. This is because for privacy reasons, Pipedrive doesn't let User A send emails on behalf of User B.

    Hope that helps make your process smoother and even more efficient. Have a great week! 🚀

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    "This is because for privacy reasons" Which, of course is not a valid reason. In a sales environment you want to manage this sort of thing centrally. It's just bad design, not understanding the practicalities of managing a sales team.

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    Is there an update to this? I have gone into the automation and there is no tick box to add signature anymore

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