Visibility permissions for team managers role / Permisos de visibilidad entre managers de equipo

Xavier Framis
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I'm managing different teams in Pipedrive and am running into a problem.

When configuring the data visibility permissions between the different user levels, I verify that the team managers can see the data of all the users.

There is no option in Permission Sets like "View stats of other TEAMS" as there are for:

· See statistics of other users

· See company statistics

I understand that there is some conceptual issue that I can't see, but I don't see a solution.

Can you help me?



Estoy gestionando diferentes equipos en Pipedrive y me encuantro con un problema.

A la hora de configurar los permisos de visibilidad de datos entre los diferentes niveles de usuario, compruebo que los managers de equipo pueden visualizar los datos de todos los usuarios. 

No hay una opción en Permission Sets tipo "Ver estadísticas de otros EQUIPOS" como los hay de:

· Ver estadísticas de otros usuarios

· Ver estadísticas de la empresa

Entiendo que hay algún tema conceptual que se me escapa, pero no veo solución.

¿Me podéis ayudar?



  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Hi Xavier,

    It depend which plan you have in Pipedrive, because with the pro plan you can have 3 different visibility groups.

    Or with the follower settings you can add your managers to your users in order that they can have a visibility on their contacts, deals, organisations, ...

    I hope this explanation answers your question!

    Do not hesitate to come back to me if necessary.

    Have a great day ! 👋

  • Xavier Framis
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    Thank you, Lucas, for your answer.

    I understand what you're saying, but I don't quite understand many things about permission levels, mixed with visibility groups. I've done many tests with normal users and manager users and I can't understand the logic.

    If you have any Pipedrive resources that explain it well, not over the top, feel free to pass it on to me.

    Thank you for your collaboration,