Can I bulk-delete activity deadline times (but retain the dates)?

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My sales rep has set activity deadlines with both a date and time.  I want to bulk-remove the times but if I leave the time field blank then it doesn't get replaced.

Currently I'm working down the activities manually removing the time's one-by-one.  IS there a more efficient way to do this?


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    Hi @Martin Pavion !

    I tested it on my end too to make sure, and unfortunately this can only be achieved manually.

    Bulk-editing from the List View won't write a "blank" due time over a pre-existing one even if you leave it blank in the section drop-down menu for Due Time in "Due date".

    Exporting using the Activity IDs and importing an edited spreadsheet with the due times removed also won't override the due times.

    If you have a large volume of due times that you need to delete and don't want to do it manually, I suggest you reach out to our Support team and they'll advise you if this is something our engineers can do for you (keep in mind that it might take 24 hours or more).

    I'll definitely forward this as a suggestion for the team responsible for this feature, for their consideration.