Can I create an automated follow up email if I haven't received a response?

Hi there,

When we get a new lead we have an automated email that gets sent to them. Is it possible in pipedrive to set up an automated workflow such that a second email is triggered if we haven't received an email back from them after 2 weeks?

Thanks and appreciate your help!


  • Hi tbonito,

    I think I read something about this or something similar recently here. There is an option to count the email interaction for a contact and this can be added as a condition to your workflow.

    Let's say you have a new lead and you contact him the first time via mail, then the email count for this lead is one. If he/she responds the count will increase to two. So if the lead does not answer your mail, the email count is still one (or less than 2) - and this is something you can use in your workflow:

    I hope this helps or maybe someone has another or better idea :)