Multiple Tags/Labels

I can create custom tags/labels, but I can only use one label for each item. I'd like to be able to use multiple tags/labels on a single record.

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13 votes

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  • Jeff Pairis
    Jeff Pairis Member Posts: 9
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    I was surprised that it's not possible to have multiple labels!

    Sounds like an easy fix to me...

  • Craig Beaumont
    Craig Beaumont Member Posts: 58
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    Ohhhhh yes it finally arrived, multiple labelling @Jeff Pairis @Robert Brett Curtiss

    Nice job Pipedrive ๐Ÿ˜

  • Timsee
    Timsee Member Posts: 2
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    Can this please be implemented for Organisations and Contacts profiles? Why you would preference doing this on Deals is beyond me.

  • ScottM(LAV)
    ScottM(LAV) Member Posts: 1
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    Please implement for Organisations and People so that we can classify them and filter/search. Such a basic requirement.

  • KelownaChk
    KelownaChk Member Posts: 2
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    This definitely needs to be an option for Organizations and People too! Please prioritize on your roadmap. Labels are a highly visible place on the page so it's important that we can do this.

  • Timsee
    Timsee Member Posts: 2
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    This isn't a win for PipeDrive. Multiple tagging across organisations, contacts and anything else is needed.

  • MBrown
    MBrown Member Posts: 15
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    I don't understand why you would do multiple labels in deals, we manage the deals via pipelines. We desperately need them for contacts and organisations. Once again a basic feature that without it, makes Pipedrive pretty useless for a prospecting tool!!

  • Frank Filippelli
    Frank Filippelli Member Posts: 34
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    Pipedrive is clearly sleeping at the wheel! Our team will definitely be leave this app if they don't get it together soon! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ‘Ž