Can I change email inbox to unthreaded view from conversation view?


Currently my email shows in a nested, conversational view (like Gmail). Can I change it to an unthreaded view so that each email is separate and distinct?


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    Hi @Robert Brett Curtiss

    Currently, it is not possible to change the viewing options. Pipedrive will always display threaded emails together. Under a Contact person or a Deal they are showed as attached separately, but in any inbox view, it will still show as a conversation.

  • RALH
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    That is too bad. It might be the reason I look for another CRM. My emails are a mess on Pipedrive

  • Phil Lerwill
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    Hi, is this still the case that email threads can't be switched off?

  • a7594
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    This is an awful feature and makes Pipedrive unusable. Glad I found out on my trial! I have completely unrelated e-mails in a thread on Pipedrive belonging to several different deals just because they happen to have the same subject line. What a disaster!

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    Probably my biggest gripe. I'm very happy with pipedrive otherwise. I think it has a lot to do with presenting them in the contact, organization records, etc. Works well there but in the context of the inbox it annoying. I use apple mail to manage email. I've made mention that they should consider doing something like that formats email as how text messages are presented for view.