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Michel Wagner
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Hello community,

I got a problem with the duplicate detection.

As I understand, the duplicate detection recognizes contact duplicates by checking the contact-names. But here starts my problem.

For example, I got those two contacts (with NAME and EMAIL):

  1. | Harry Potter | [email protected]
  2. | Ron Weasley | [email protected]

Now the duplicate detection do NOT recognizes that the email is beeing used by two different contacts just because the contact-NAME is not the same.

And here's my question: Is there a way to get Pipedrive recognizing multiple used emails within contacts when checking for duplicates?


Michel Wagner


  • Hi Michael,

    We are experiencing the same problem, especially when importing contacts or just activities on existing contacts - it always creates duplicates. We are currently still solving this either not at all or manually.

    But in Pipedrive's marketplace there is a connection to Dedupely, which I heard supposedly solves this problem. I have not looked into it myself yet, but maybe someone can share some of his / her experience?



  • Hi @Michel Wagner, You can get around this limitation using Dedupely even though it requires you to sign up for another service. But it works great for duplicate detection.

    Another place to fix duplicate detection is when adding contacts using automation tools like Make/Integromat or Zapier. In Zapier, you can use 'find or create a person', and in Make/Integromat you can first try to search for a person with the same email before creating one.

    If you have any other questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to reach out.


    Amit Sarda

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  • Hi @Daniel Dubalski & @Amit Sarda,

    thank you for mentioning the market place. I completely forgot that there could be another solution outside of Pipedrive.

    And yes, Dedupely does the job. We tried it and it's very powerful in finding duplicates across all possible variables. It's just a little frustrating that Pipedrive can't do such a basic task by itself and therefore you have to pay extra for a thirdparty solution. I mean 40$/month (or 300$/year) is not what I would call "small money" in these days ...

    But yeah, thanks for your help. And if you're thinking about using Dedupely yourself, @Daniel Dubalski: I highly recommend it. As I said, it's very powerful.


    Michel Wagner