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Would be so nice to have an ALL DAY option to click instead of just having a time frame for an activity. When syncing with google calendar, it is nice to be able to block off a whole day sometimes. Right now, I have to create the activity in pipedrive then open google cal and change it in settings to be all day. Should be easy. Thanks.

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  • Hey Ben,

    Not sure if it is different between outlook and google calendar, but whenever I need a whole day event I leave the times blank when creating an activity.

    This automatically syncs and creates an all day activity for me.

    Like I said, might not do that for google calendar as it does with outlook, but just in case :)

  • Ben Bocell
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    Hey Tom, Thanks for the input. That does seem to work with google desktop calendar and most any other calendar app or widget. However, the native google calendar app (and widget) does not know how to process the info and the event does not show up on the calendar app. An event with a time frame does show up, so my thinking is that the google calendar app is not sure what to do with an event without a time frame and then does not post it to the calendar app calendar. A simple button that links to googles button of ALL DAY, might fix this problem.

  • Very true! I've seen a lot of issues with the Google Calendar app myself in other areas.

    The Pipedrive mobile app (at least on Android) has a specific "All Day" option, I wonder if that would work if tested?

  • I get the same result with the pipedrive apps all day toggle. Shows up everywhere except Google calendar app. There has to be a simple communication problem between the programs, if it works everywhere else........

  • I could be wrong, but I have a feeling it may be the google calendar app. I've tried syncing other calendars, sharing events, using a live calendar feed etc, but always come across issues. There'd have to be a workaround somewhere though.