Phone number input validation

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When a Contact is created in Pipedrive our sales people are allowed to enter anything. This includes literally just a string of characters. "Pipedrive UK Ltd" obviously isn't a valid phone number but it's perfectly possible in Pipedrive.

What i would like is that at the very least the phone number field is limited to Numbers and + ( ) - / . etc.

But in an ideal world I would suggest limiting the input, or at least the storage, of the phone number to be E.164 ( for example).

I know it's possible to go over out contacts list and retroactively correct every one of them but to me it would make a lot more sense to enter phone numbers correctly from the start.

Most of the other systems we work with. Including our PBX. Uses E.164 so finding a normalized/standardized phone number such as +31612345678 is very diffiicult if it's stored in pipedrive as +31 (0) 6 123-456-87.

Of course, It would be best to be able to enable or disable input validation depending on the wishes of your customers. So maybe going to and clicking Phone number there. Would give you a dropdown of how you want your input validation to work. If at all.

I hope that makes sense! Thanks for listening.

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