Dependencies in custom fields

Different information is needed in different phases or different pipelines. If I have multiple business units or products, perhaps entirely different fields are of interest.

However, the number of fields can become quite high. And therefore confusing. How practical would it be to display different fields depending on the phase/pipeline or even the content of certain fields?

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  • Personally would love this feature too. We also have a large amount of fields present but most are specific to different business units or pipelines, but all users have them visible which becomes confusing

  • Yes, dependencies would be great to improve visibility when many fields are not required.

  • I'd also love to see something like this. Would remove so much clutter and add much more customisation to the fields.

  • Yep, would love this. Have raised this one in the past before also. Would salve a lot of issues for my company and increase our data accuracy.

  • This is a fantastic idea!

  • To be more precise, it would be interesting to link fields with pipes.

    In my case, I have several pipes: On boarding, the one common to all projects, and then one pipe per type of project: real estate, insurance, ...

    These pipes do not require the same data. As the important or mandatory fields, it would be a great help to have the possibility to hide choosen fields according to the pipes.