New feature request - please allow for bulk creation of tasks of leads

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Currently, in Pipedrive, there's no way to bulk create activities for leads.

If we could bulk create a sequence of tasks from the leads view or the tasks view that would be phenomenal. Creating a task 1 by 1 is a huge pain and slows down my operation unnecessarily, we picked Pipedrive because it was the most intuitive solution, but bulk creating activities is just not a thing (there's a workaround that creates duplicate leads and doesn't allow you to have multiple tasks per lead, but this is far from intuitive).

Please add this new feature. Alternatively, allow us to create sequences (a series of activities to do in a specific timeframe) and allow us to all lead to those sequences. Kind of like This would skyrocket your product's value from a business development perspective. Please let me know if you need additional feedback.

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