Using Pipedrive as a PRM

Hi Pipedrive Community,

Does anyone here use Pipedrive to manage their Partnership relationships? I'd love to see how people are doing this before I dive in myself.

Thanks in advance


  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Hi Naomi,

    If you are using Pipedrive only for your partnership you can use it as expected.

    Each organisation for you partners and each contact person as physical person.

    You can also have one or two pipelines to follow-up your progress for those partnership.

  • Hi Lucas,

    Firstly sorry for delayed reply I have been on holiday.

    Thanks for your reply. we are using Pipedrive for our leads and for our partners. Do you think this needs to be split apart as an Organization would then refer another organization?

    This is where it is getting complicated for me.



  • Good call out, Naomi. In Salesforce, you can create different work streams (one for Sales and one for Partnerships) where depending on the User (rep) and their permission set, they would see different populatable fields and stages/workflows.

    Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't appear that you can customize fields/workflows for Sales vs Partnerships inside the Pipedrive experience.

  • Something to consider. A custom company details field that allow to distinguish between prospects and partners. Maybe that field is called “Type”. or “Record Type”. And it’s either a sales prospect or a partner

    Then you would have a custom field in the deal called “Partner” that allows you to select a company record from the Pipedrive database to reference as the partner that brought that deal deal.