Is it possible to get the time without timezone specification in custom deals fields autofilled?

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We are trying to automate a meeting reminder e-mail with the time and date in an e-mail template. The way I tried to do it was when an activity (for this meeting) is created in a deal a custom deal field (time) will autofill the expiration time for that activity. Based on this field being populated an e-mail will be send. All of this works except the time will be set as 10:15 UTC+02:00

This would seem strange to most customers so the real question would be is there a way to remove that UTC+02:00 from this automation or does someone have a different way of doing this?

PS. screenshots for clarification (sorry they are in dutch)


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    Hello @Luuk Janssen_88239 ,

    Thanks for the detailed information! As it stands, the activity fields work with the UTC time by default. It would be great to remove the UTC time - at the moment, the shown time is based on your timezone (automatically added in your Personal Preferences section).

    Considering that communication could be with people from a different timezone, this ensures that they could check your timezone and not miss the activity but I understand that visually it can be a bit confusing - it's great feedback!

    Feel free to contact our customer support via the in-app chat option or our email so the team can maybe find a workaround for this one or offer another suggestion on how to accomplish what you need.

    Many thanks,

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