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I have a very specific problem and am wondering what others are doing about it.

-We run ad campaigns in all channels Fb/Insta/Google/LNKD/Pinterest and have a high traffic site.

-People usually fill out the lead form including their consent to marketing from any of these platforms.

-We import them into pipedrive as a lead.

Here is the problem,

When importing these as leads, we cannot access the "marketing status" field from Zapier. "Marketing Status" is also not accessible via Automation in pipedrive. So now I have to manually mark each lead as "Subscribed". This is a problem because we fire 2 emails within 1 hour of reaceiving a lead. Since the marketing status is not "Subscribed" these both fail. ( The email is fired via campaigns )

What is the best way to update the marketing status of a person automatically? (Without using webforms)



  • We have exactly the same problem. FB ad contact is imported using Zapier. Sending an email from a template works. The problem is that if I want to use the new Automated Campaigns instead of an email template. Then the consent is missing and I can't find a way how to automatically change it.

  • I've gone down the rabbit hole with this one, and the answer is... You can't!

    Amazing, huh? An email marketing system that doesn't allow people to automatically get stuff!

    There is a complete fudge - you can sign up for their Leads package which costs additional per month, which gives you access to their Web Forms functionality.

    But that's also broken. There's no way to know which form someone has filled in - so you can't know what to do when someone fills one in.

    There's a hack workaround to that too - which is to stick a visible field on the form that the customer has to select, and then trigger the automation on that being set. But you still have to also do the optin field, or the marketing status won't be set - so the customer has to click two separate things. And if they don't, they won't get your email.

    Despite wanting to do everything within Pipedrive, this Campaigns product just isn't usable at the moment - we're sadly going back to ActiveCampaign.

  • I had the same issue (and also couldn't believe this is not possible).

    Finally, we solved this by subscribing people using the pipedrive API since the API allows to change the marketing status. We connected the API using Integromat (now Make) with the HTTP module and it works great.

  • Hi everyone,

    Please tell me this has been fixed?

    I wouldn't have even thought this would be an issue.

    I've spent ages setting up the back end, Zaps and Linkedin Ad. This seems so strange

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    Hey @Ric Brooks !👋🏼

    Thanks for following up on this. There certainly are limitations in this thread we will need to address. As of now, it is not possible to update the 'Marketing Status' field via our Workflow Automation's feature.

    This field can be bulk edited from the Person list view, and can also be updated via import.

    Marketing Status can also be updated via API, more on how this can be done here:

    As it can be updated via API, any integration can add this capability to their integration. Of course, it would be best if we could add this to our own tools (Workflow Automations) so you don't need to set this up elsewhere.

    I will forward this request internally so it can hopefully be updated in the near future. Any further updates on its addition will be posted on the What's new section of our community.

    If you need any additional clarification in the meantime, please feel free to contact [email protected] so an available agent can assist you.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi @CarlosPD If you could just fix your Zapier integration so we can set this one field, the problem goes away. This used to be possible in the past, but is not currently possible. It would just be a case of adding this one field to your existing zapier integration - not a big job... Fingers crossed.

  • Hey @CarlosPD

    If you intend me as a paid customer to use "campaigns" as a product, then having this feature is a precursor.

    Without the users being marked automatically subscribed, there is no way we can use the campaign sequence at all.

    For now we have cancelled our campaigns subscription and I think others maybe in the same boat.

  • @CarlosPD Your What's Planned link is giving me a 404 error.

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    Thank you all for your feedback!

    @Jake Liddell sorry about that I was using an older link, should work now.👍🏻

  • So I literally just watched a Pipedrive webinar where automating the marketing status was possible via workflow automation, but now it appears to be removed.

    At about the 20min 30 sec mark.

    This is a critical feature. Why was it removed, and when will it return?

  • Yep,as I mentioned above, this was intentionally removed... And still no one from Pipedrive has commented on this.

  • Hey Guys,

    I have entirely the same frustration but solved this by using the Pipedrive API (see my comment above). Strange that Pipedrive took this route, but the workaround with the API works well, just FYI.

    Let me know if you need any more info; happy to help.


  • It's so frustrating that this basic function is not even part of your email engine. This is withholding me from moving the entire company from ActiveCampaign to Pipedrive directly.

    Please, is there any ETA on this basic function?

    Regards a frustrated customer.

  • Ii really think this must be deliberate - as the functionality was clearly in the product at launch and was then removed. I can't understand why and it would be really good to know why. I need to make a decision about campaigns soon - so it would be great to understand if this capability will be in future releases.

  • Hey Customer, how did you make it ? Can you share the function or code youput in your http module in make/integromat ?

  • Hi @Sami People Vox, Please see the screenshot from the HTTP module setup attached.

    What it does it's creating the new customer record and changes the marketing_status to "subscribed" along with some other flags we use in our pipedrive setup.

    Hope that helps.


  • Many many thanks @Customer will test it out ! You're a boss !

  • No problem, hope it works for you. :)

  • There is a very nice solution for all of you who are using AUT CAMPAIGN and miss to enter into the workflow when you need to change the MKTG status manually:

    • The first immediate email from AUT CAMPAIGNS change it for a email template, so you will bribe the MKTG status "no consent"
    • For the 2nd email use AUT CAMPAIGNS (lets say on the 2nd day) and so on

    With this trick you will be able to set up a manually a daily task to change all of your new contacts with "no consent" to "subscribe" and get into the workflow without loosing a single email.

    Enjoy it!

  • Just jumped onto Pipedrive today to bulk mark my contacts as subscribed.

    Turns out the option to get them "subscribed" from the dropdown on the bulk edit window is now gone.

    The bulk edit only offers "archived" as an option.

    This is in direct conflict to the KB article.

    This is also a terrible state of affairs because all that work on campaigns isn't useful because can't automate marketing status and so can't automate campaigns. I don't know who the product manager is but they need to look into this. Is there a direct email of the product manager I can pursue this up with ?

  • Pipedrive, can you answer this thread please and let us know what is going on. Campaigns is clearly not ready for primetime if this functionality is lacking. We need a response please. Thank you.

  • hey @Customer,

    Could you send a screen shot on exactly how you made the automation in Make?


  • Customer
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    Hey Daniel,

    Please see below a screenshot of the whole scenario.

    Whenever a new customer is added to stripe it will trigger the HTTP request to Pipedrive for creating a new person record plus setting the marketing status to subscribed. I hope that helps you.

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    Hi Pipedrive - I'm bumping this thread because the above is relevant to us too - and to be honest a crucial UX feature for Campaigns. Hopefully something is in the works because manually adjusting marketing status' when opt in permission has been granted is tedious (even with 'bulk-edit').

    We want to send a custom Campaign Template (because the Pipedrive Template for the double opt in email CAN'T be edited to adjust for our branding) - but can't include a link or any means for the clicking of the CTA button 'yes I accept/subscribe' to auto-update the contact's marketing status to 'subscribed'.

    An update/rough timeframe would be appreciated - Campaigns is being implemented across a number of companies that I work with and this info is crucial.

    So if the Double Opt In email was able to be edited, and send in bulk (like group email) that would solve this whole issue

  • Hi everyone, we all need to start moaning at PD in unison here to get them to take some action.

    See my post here:

    Please start complaining or they just ignore us.

  • Hi everyone,

    I've had some feedback from PD. See this thread:

    If everyone contacts Zapier about this we might see some prompt action