How to handle an Organization with different divisions?

Is it possible to have an "HQ" or "Master" account with different divisions (or departments) underneath? Or does everyone simply input the different divisions as separate Organizations?

We have several large Enterprises as clients and are trying to decide the best way to configure the Organization in Pipedrive.




  • There are only "related organisations" available at present, but there has been a lot of discussions around having Parent/Child hierarchy, but I'm not sure if it is on Pipedrive's road map yet, if at all. I hope it is!

    It certainly would be useful, as well as being able to tag a person to more than one organisation!

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    Got it. Thank you Flip!

  • Here is what we did and liked. To this point we don't bother using the related organizations field. This is for property management companies that have a corporate office and then properties about town.

    Company Name: XYZ Group - Corporate

    Company Name: XYZ Group - ABC Property Name

    Tip: if you want the corporate record to land at the top of an alphabetized list then use additional blank spaces in the company name. Then corporate will be places above ABC.

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    Thanks Brad! Our thought was to use a similar naming convention as well. However, I didn't even consider how to have Corporate land at the top of an Alphabetized list ... thank you very much for the tip to use an additional blank space in the name!

  • Hi @T. ,

    maybe worth to have a look at this extension we built for the Pipedrive Marketplace:

    it allows you to visualize related Organizations in beautiful way and create / edit the relationships with & drop instead of using the tedious list…