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I understand it is not possible to customize fields or even user's roles for each view (contacts or organization) so some users (or group of users) can see some fields and other users not, we have separate markets and type of business and we don't want to see some data and fields from other areas.

So any suggest to solve this request, some addon we can use or even a rule or action we can define?




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    We kind of had this situation too and at first glance the thought was to suggest pipedrive create the ability to have multiple tabs for separate custom detail field groups. One tab could be specific to landscape construction, the next landscape maintenance, the third for snow and ice. It wouldn’t necessarily restrict others from seeing them but it better organized them

    It’s workable to organize them in a way to make it practical across departments as it’s design today. But when we ended up doing is eliminating most of the detailed fields that were specific to each division and it’s services because at the end of the day they didn’t bring vale being listed in details anyway.

    your implementation may call for it but I’d suggest to take care not too add too many custom and individual fields that bring little value to your selling process. Most times that detailed information is more relevant to producing sold work rather than selling prospected work. That may not be true for you but I mention it because I have seen so many people create so many low value fields in CRM’s