Trigger double opt in request automatically ?


In Canada, double opt-in is mandatory. Our clients want to use Pipedrive Campaign but they can't because the double opt-in feature is not "ready". How can we automatically trigger the double opt-in request when a new contact subscribes to the newsletter? (We need to send a double opt-in request to all new subscribers). Doing it manually is a non-sense and we need to send a double opt-in request as soon as someone signs up for the newsletter, not the next day... 

Any recommendation or idea to achieve this ?

Thank you !


  • Your post made me want to learn a bit about your situation in Canadia, eh. Am I interpreting this attached story properly that double opt in actually isn’t mandatory so long as they have given express consent that can be verified in other ways?

  • Thank you for your answer @Brad Krause_65956 . To be honest, it's hard to answer your question correctly... it seems that it's very difficult to get an official version from the government or the agencies that govern the c-28 law. Basically, we can't send an email to someone who hasn't given us their consent... nonsense in my opinion. Unfortunately many of my clients take this very (too) seriously. 

    Sometimes I lose deals with potential clients if I don't offer double opt-in solutions...