Emails as Workflow automation triggers

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We have a specific KPI - clients that are not contacted within the last 90 days. This way we try to keep the relationship with our existing clients healthy. With some clients, the communication is exclusively done over email and I (regretfully) discovered that there is no way of creating a filter displaying Organisations that have no communications (including emails) for a certain period of time.

A workaround would be changing the last activity date if there is a sent/ received email - this involves a trigger on the emails. I've seen other members asking around about this trigger.

Are there any plans to implement it?

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  • AnthonySarkis
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    Have a look at the contact timeline you can choose organisation then set the followup frequency to 30 days

  • Andrei Panciuc
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    Thanks, @AnthonySarkis

    This was one of the solutions I was looking at. It is challenging to read it fast when you have multiple clients (tens of companies) and identify the ones that need to be addressed.