Possible Solution to link Deal with Lead Inbox "Messaging" Beta function

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Hi, we are using the Lead Inbox "Messaging" Beta function for internal workflows. Now we do have the challenge, that we can't link Deals with incoming replies over the Phone number or any information from person fields.

To look for deals to link via the deal title is not a option for us, does anyone have an idea how we can get the selection of deals, linked to the person of the conversation, using the phone number or email of the person?

Every input is appreciated.

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  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, Jonas.

    If I understood correctly, you would like to look for a list of all deals in which the contact person's email address or phone number are specific ones, is that correct?

    If that is the case, this can be done with simple filters on the deals' list view, such as the ones bellow:

    Those will allow you to look for all the deals associated with those information and manually link those deals (one by one) to specific items over notes or custom fields. You can also add a condition for "status" if you are only looking for open deals, for example.

    If that is not the case and you would like to have this process done with workflow automation, can you please share the workflow you are trying to build with further details?

    Thank you!

  • Jonas_58473
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    Hi Leonardo,

    not exactly.

    The workflow is the following:

    • We send out WhatsApp Messages (Reminder purpose) to deals in our Pipeline
    • Replies will be received in the Lead inbox with no connection to deal or person (due to set up of the tool)
    • Conversation should now be attached to the person and the according deal (attachment to person is working via phone number, attachment to the deal is not)

    We need that kind of workflow, since we try to keep our conversations inside the according deal view.

    Hope that painted the picture a little better.

    Best regards


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