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Why is it not possible to display net prices or to define them for a product? B2B Sales!

Why does Smartdocs not display the decimal places for even numbers? For example 10,00€ instead of 10€? Too smart for smart documents ;)?


  • KRAN
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    @Ruslan Shogenov , can you fix the decimal place. We need to show the cents, even if they are ,00€. Thank you!

  • Mitt
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    Just want to add my upvote to this - we are B2B as well and really need this. At the moment, if a client asks for pricing without the VAT removed (because e.g. their own system will add the VAT), we have to fudge all the numbers manually in our quotes. This is prone to error and so out of keeping with how user-friendly Pipedrive is in every other aspect!