Linking Stripe payment received to a deal in Pipedrive via Zapier

Pranab Deshpande
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I want to create a Zap which will add a payment amount received in Stripe to to a Deal in pipedrive. Wanted to know if anyone has implemented this or how to go about it.

Below is the flow:

  1. Lead is created in Pipedrive
  2. Lead details are pushed to Stripe and a new customer is created via Zapier
  3. New customer subscription + invoice is created in Stripe
  4. Customer is sent link to make payment
  5. Customer makes the payment in Stripe
  6. Payment amount to be reflected in deal in Pipedrive

If the payment amount cannot be added directly in Pipedrive, can the value field be updated in deal? Or maybe we can add the products in a deal. (products created in Stripe)

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.