important fields: clicking on add value doesn't activate field

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whenever I want to add something to a field in the "important fields" section and I click "add value", it activates the edit-mode but the cursor is not jumping into said field. I need to click into the area before I can enter anything.

If I don't and for example type the letter "n", a new note opens.

In other parts of the side pane, the cursor is blinking in the field whenever I click "add value"

Anyone here having the same issue?


  • CarlosPD
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    Hey @Haensel !

    Not certain if I am understanding this one correctly. Would you mind contacting so we can assist you further on this?

    Once clarifying with a support agent, they'll be able to confirm wether this is expected. If not, they will work with our engineers to bring back the expected behavior.

    Not an answer but I hope this helps get you closer to the solution!