View deal owner in pipeline view without adding filter

We would like to see whom the deal owner is in the pipeline view without changing the owner filter. We can then see at a glance who is working on each deal. We have a temp workaround by uploading a colour to our profile photos which then is displayed on the pipeline cards. A better solution would be appreciated!

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  • Hi @Alex Lyon

    Just checking I've understood correctly, you;d like to see all Deals in the Pipeline with any Owner?

    You can choose Everyone under the filtering options

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi @Edie Mew

    I can see all deals in the pipeline with any owner, I would like to see at a glance who owns which deal without adding the owner filter.


  • Got ya @Alex Lyon

    I can see what you mean and I understand if you have a large sales team the icons with Profile pictures can be tough to see. I'll be honest your workaround of using the profile picture icons as a colour per sales rep - is a good one. If you haven't already, you could consider using Deal Labels which provide colour and a name on the Deal card.

    Cheers! 😁