Notes in pipedrive need auto-save

I'm summarising here a long discussion with customer success.

If pipedrive automatically saved the notes I am taking on-the-fly I could trust it a lot better with my crucial business contacts.

I am a heavy user of Notes in pipedrive mobile and desktop to memorize information I hear during activities such as a meeting a phone call or a chance encounter in the corridor. On several occasions I lost crucial information because of the SAVE button.

Notes in pipedrive need auto-save.

I spent a long day in a conference, jotting down leads, ideas and phone numbers by editing a Note inside an Activity on Pipedrive. I must have forgot to hit Save at some point or something, it's all gone now.

Here is the user scenario:

Notes are used to record information on the fly during activities such as meetings, phone calls, conferences, or a chance encounter. The value of recording it in pipedrive is for the information to be later associated and retrieved together with the relevant person or deal rather than be lost in a pile of random sticky notes.

In these encounters I am busy actually talking to the person and processing the information. I may have only a few seconds to type a lead or contact info or some industry info before jumping to another person or activity.

Moreover this is done from mobile, which means that my attention can be broken at any moment by a phone call or another app or notification.

Feature request:

1. Anything typed into notes should be auto-saved.

2. Notes should have some ability to track changes in case a note was accidentally overwritten and then auto-saved.

3. Notes that were auto-saved should pop up as notification to remind the user to verify the information and Save it properly.

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  • Hi!

    I agree with Iddo- we take client calls and type all notes in there so that all the team can refer back at a later date, however, it just takes the window crashing, you move away from your desk and forget to save and then you lose vital information.

    Is this going to be a possibility in the future?