Email Options when building an automated workflow


I am building some customer satisfaction workflows for our services. I have built the workflow to share a link to an NPS survey with our clients. Inside of our engagements we have the organization and the "Owner" contact associated with the deal. However in a lot of our engagements with our clients we have many participants say a Client team that we are working with. I would like to automate sending this survey to the entire team. Currently we have all of the additional members, associated to the deal as participants. Is there a way that I can select "Participant's Email addresses" for the automation? I have not been able to figure it out if there is. If this is not currently an option, I would like to suggest it for a future RFE.

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  • Yes I can do this with additional automation pieces, but I would really like to solve this natively in Pipedrive. I have all of the information there associated with the "deal" I would like to be able to add multiple email addresses to the automation. or point to the participants field for sending the notification.

  • @Matthew Baran i understand. I merely suggested doing it with other tools if it’s urgent because we don’t know if and when Pipedrive will add this feature.

  • Amit, Yes thank you. Of course I would like it soon, but we have a process around it for now.