Sending automated email from Pipedrive

I have created some autogenerated customer experience emails to get sent out at particular stages in the customer journey. The system works fine and the email generation and send is working well. However all of the emails are coming from my account, regardless of the user that owns the deal. Is this because I created the automation? I cannot find an option to select sent from. Is this possible?

In the meantime, I have set the CC to the deal owner so they are at least copied on the automated sends.

Thank you


  • Hi Matthew,

    yes if you set up the automation, then the mails will always be sent from your account. Good thinking on using the deal owner in CC!

  • @Matthew_10643 yes, this is a frustrating limitation of workflow automation. There are two options:

    1) If you want emails to come from deal owners using Workflow automation, you need to have the workflow automation built in each users account. Yes, this is just as annoying as it sounds.

    2) Alternatively, if you send the emails using a tool like Zapier and SendGrid, you can program that the emails come "from" the deal owner.

    You'll need to pay for a couple of additional tools, but it's usually well worth it to automate personalized emails.

    Hope this helps!


  • Yes it is annoying, but for now that is the functionality. I requested an RFE to have an option to add the field "from" in the automated email setup. If you can have a "to" and "cc" I was hoping they can have a "from" As long as the deal owner had email integration setup. Understand that this will take time, at least it is on the list.