Mail to deal not arrives in more deals together

H. Hardeman
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When sending an e-mail to eg. customer, concerning more then only one deal, and have deal's address in (B)CC, the mail arrives in only one deal. So, you've to FW the mail to other deals, or send customer an e-mail for all deals seperately.

Do you have a suggestion or solution for this issue?


  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @H. Hardeman

    I understand your question and can see why it can be frustrating.

    However the main point of emails within Pipedrive is to be able to link emails to Deals, provide a collaborative approach to Deals and easily share information internally without the need to have a meeting, send an update or forward an email chain.

    With any client I work with and implement Pipedrive for, I always advise in training to only email via Deal specifically about that if you have multiple Deals you ideally should be entering each Deal and sending the relevant email from there. What I do realise is this can be time consuming but also a bit annoying for the recipient to be receiving multiple emails, but it does mean that you have now successfully tracked a Deal with Comms between the main person and anyone else who needs access to this Deal or emails, have a clear trail of communication.

    Hope this helps and apologies I couldnt offer a workaround to avoid sending multiple emails


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