I need help to setup right pipeline to get correct statistics

Hello guys. I would appreciate your tips/suggestions on how to setup correctly my pipeline to be able to get correct statistics.

I have a business where customers after signing the contract pay us a small deposit fee to start the services project. It's only 15% out of the whole project. Usually, projects take up to 3-5 weeks and once it's completed we get the final payment.

How should I setup the pipeline?

a) Should it be one pipeline where I mark project WON only when we receive a final amount for the project?

b) Should it be two pipelines? One pipeline "Sales Pipeline" where we sign the agreement and get the deposit. And then the second pipeline for "Ongoing projects".

I'm thinking to use option B. Which would mean that for the first "Sales pipeline" I would be creating deals only for the 15% worth of value. And for the pipeline of "Ongoing Projects" I would be creating deals for 85% of the value of the agreement. Is this the right way to approach it?

What would be the best way to approach this and avoid confusion in the statistics?


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    Hi @Adomas

    What a great use case! Thinking about it and then building can always be a bit tricky at the start, however getting a good understanding of key metrics to measure, data to capture and actions to take are the best start in this process.

    In my opinion B is the best way to carry out your sales and projects, this way you can report on how long it takes from enquiry in to deal won (no. days/deal cycle and conversion rates) then for the projects, you can track how long from initial payment to project starting and eventually final payment.

    If you need more help with this, pop me a message!




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    Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm using Advanced pipedrive plan. Are Projects available for this plan? Because I do not see them on my account.

  • Hello @Adomas! 👋🏽

    I do have an idea that could utilize only 1 Pipeline. Please see the video I recorded for you:


    Let me know if this could work for you! 😎

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    In the Advanced plan, you have some limitations. Projects is an Add-on which you purchase per user who requires it :)

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    @Andres Kõljalg thank you so much for your video. You gave me more ideas...

    So at the moment we have even more than two options:

    1. Use two pipelines. One for Sales, one for Ongoing Projects
    2. Use one pipeline. Just mark Payment Received with a label or WON and use filter
    3. Use ONE pipeline and use the Projects feature.

    As far as I understand Project feature is enabled only for Professional plan, right?

  • Hey @Adomas!

    Projects is a paid add-on - meaning any plan can have this feature. Currently, it's being rolled out slowly to all of the customers. See this thread for more updates.

    A popular way our customers have been using Pipedrive for after-sales stuff is through two pipelines. One for closing, another one for after-sales stuff. You can also create an automation which moves them automatically.

    Here's an example: Every time a deal gets marked with the "Payment" label, it's moved to the first stage of another pipeline. After you receive the final payment, you can mark it as "won" in the other pipeline.

    (or you can simply just drag-and-drop them to another Pipeline)

  • Adomas
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    Fantastic. This is what I'm going to do. I will mark a "Payment" label and just move them to another pipeline for Ongoing projects.

    One more question.

    What would be the best way to manage the value of a Deal so that I would be able to see a correct Statistics on reports? Should I set up a total value of the project? Or should I set up a lower value (15% deposit fee) at the Deposit stage (Sales pipeline) and then increase the value to 85% once the deal is transferred to the "Ongoing Projects" pipeline?

  • Edie Mew
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    You could Deal / Stage probabilities. So enter the full amount to be paid (e.g. £100) at the stage of taking the deposit you could assign 15% which then shows you the amount you would get in that month based on the probability and deal value. Then at the final payment stage set the probability to 85%

  • Thinking out loud:

    2 pipelines:

    • New business pipeline (15% deposit)
    • Existing business pipeline (85% payment)

    This way, you can have 2 similar charts, 1 for each pipeline.

    Not sure 'value' will be captured in Projects.