Send Emails Using Workflow Automation

If I have set up an email workflow automation for following up my leads, is it possible to share the email template with my colleague so that I can send the emails based on the workflow rule? Is it possible to set up the workflow automation on my behalf of my colleague and send the emails on behalf of my colleague as well?


  • Hi @Rosanna Hawkins!

    While you can make email templates available to all users (make sure that the email template is "shared" rather than "private" - screenshot below), there are some frustrating limitation of workflow automation when it comes to emails. There are two options:

    1) If you want emails to come from deal owners using Workflow automation, you need to have the workflow automation built in each users account. Workflows cannot be copied over, so they would need to be individually rebuilt in each account.

    2) Alternatively, if you send the emails using a tool like Zapier and SendGrid, you can program that the emails come "from" the deal owner.

    You'll need to pay for a couple of additional tools, but it's usually well worth it to automate personalized emails.

    If you'd like to discuss the use case further and how Zapier could get you to this outcome, feel free to reach out.



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