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We've really benefited from the SmartDocs feature in Pipedrive but would love to see the ability to send documents that don't require a signature through the same process as a document that does require a signature.

We currently send out client contracts requesting a signature, and this has been well-received by our clients. We would also like to be able to send proposals and invoices in the same way, i.e. directly from within Pipedrive. At present, we are uploading the PDF and then generating the sharing link which is then copied and pasted into an email. It would be great to be able to save our invoice/proposal templates in the same way as we do with our contracts, so that data can be auto-filled from the Deal, and then to be able to send it directly from within Pipedrive like we do with requesting signatures. This would remove multiple steps, provide an audit trail, and allow us to send reminders directly from Pipedrive.

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    That does seem like a lot of steps indeed.

    To see if I understood correctly:

    • You would like to send the PDF document you just upload directly through email to your clients?
    • And in the email, the document would sent in an attachment?

    Or do you see another optimal flow?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • tharris1
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    Hi Pedro,

    The workflow we have for signing contracts is currently very smooth, and we'd like to replicate this for proposals and invoices.

    For contracts, we have templates saved and our team go into the deal, open a template in 'Documents --> Create New', check that it has populated correctly, then use 'request signatures' to send the document directly from within PD. We can then also ask the client to complete additional fields, like adding a PO number to the contract etc. All of this is managed inside PD and creates an audit trail.

    However, for proposals/invoices etc. we can still use templates in Documents to open and generate a populated document, but the only method of then transmitting that to a client contact is to generate the link and copy the link into an email (which we generally send from Outlook). This then has limited tracking capability/audit trail, and doesn't allow for the client to fill additional fields. There is also no ability to see who the link has been shared with or opened by, so often we get the notification that it has been viewed, but often that is a colleague who has opened it.

    With signature requests, we can see in PD that the document has definitely been sent to the client, with the sharing link we only know that the link has been generated and that somebody has opened it, but this could have simply been a colleague generating the document and sending it to their line manager for approval.

    In short, we'd like for the 'request signatures' option to be expanded to a broader capability to invite clients to view official documents that don't need signing (proposals, invoices etc.) so that the whole workflow can be managed within PD.