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I recently added a new multiple options field on people to be able to track specific types of information so we can segment individuals in various overlapping ways (e.g. lives in DC, works for a nonprofit). I don't know when this new field type was added, but I'm really excited about it!

However, I'm not sure if it is possible to import a list and add only one option, while keeping the additional options. I did a test, where I categorized a person with three options (A, B, C), exported the contact, then removed one of the options and replaced it with another (A, B, D). When I import it back in, it imports the three new options (A, B, D) and overwrites the one I removed (C).

My question: Is there a way to import a list and ADD a category (e.g. add E to this field, but not delete A, B, C)?

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  • Guido Raddatz_68837

    I have the same problem. I have a multiple field option and can not import a second value to an existing value. It overwrites the existing value in the field. It´s not a rocket science for Pipedrive to change this mistake....I hope we will got a solution soon

  • Vimal Joseph
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    Did you get any native solution for this? I also face the same issue. When I import contacts, the new value overrides the existing multi-value fields. To solve this, we had to create a Google Sheet Based Importer for PipeDrive.

    The appscript will import the contacts in the google sheet via API - if the email id exists, it will update the record, else create a new record. It will merge the existing multi-value fields with the values in the specified fields with the values in the google sheet.

    Will put the sheet and code on GitHub soon after testing.

  • FX
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    Hi here is the solution, in the same cell you have to seperate the value by a com for example, and after you have to map each value with a value in the custom field of Pipedrive.

    See below (sorry it's in french) you will see the menu to choose which selector you want to chose.

    I think it's a better way in this case to use xls and nope csv