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Hi Team,

I manage two departments, the first (concierge team) takes our intimal enquiries and books the consultations. It then passes to the (coordinator team) who looks to close the deal.

I am wanting to see how much business has been won of the back of each concierge's consultation, however by that point the ownership has been changed to a coordinator.

please can you advise how i might be able to do this.

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  • Gabriel Ramos
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    Hey @Oliver DirkerOliver,

    You can use Zapier, Make (formely integrate IO) or some other integrator to track this changes, once any change is made you register the owner of the deal, and then you get the deals unique values for proprietors.

    You can also use the pipedrive automation tool if you have a small concierge team, making one Pipedrive automation for each of the concierge team

    (when you change owner from person A of concierge team to anybody overwrite Custom field of deal as Person A

    when you change owner from person B of concierge team to anybody overwrite Custom field of deal as Person B


    You can also use products for the same purpose.

    You have several different paths, depending on your use case, easiness to use integrators or size of team.

    Hope it helps, if you want to chat a bit more send me a e-mail/dm

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    You can do this using 2 pipelines, and duplicate deals when it passes from the concierge team to the coordinator team.