Synch only specific contacts/organizations to your external provider

Sabrina I.
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Currently the contact sync is rather meant for the contacts on your external provider's side to be synced to Pipedrive. You can only choose the label of which contacts will be brought over to Pipedrive on your external provider's side unless you do not want to sync all your contacts.

As we are getting lots of SPAM and FAKE leads from inbound, these contacts are also synched to personal devices and external provider's side. Plus it just fills up the contacts address book with rubbish contacts.

It therefore would be an added value, if only the contacts and organizations which are not in the stage of "lead" anymore, could be synched. Or an alternative could be to mark them as "SPAM" and not only to have the possibility to "ARCHIVE" or "CONVERT TO DEAL" when they are a lead.

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