Recurring task for Projects

Olivier LeadLion
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Hi guys,

Projects is a very exciting addition to Pipedrive! But there is one thing that hold us to move from our current project management platform to Pipedrive Project and it's recurring task.

Those are extremely useful and can't be overlook.

Is it on the roadmap to add the possibility to create recurring task to Pipedrive? If yes, when do you think we will see them live?


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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Mike van der Valk , can you reveal if something like this is being considered?

  • AJ Willoughby
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    Hello @Mike van der Valk, I agree that this feature would be extremely helpful and is very much needed. Any update on this?

  • Jody
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    We are now using Pipedrive Projects here, and a recurring project function would be extremely useful. I would be happy to be part of a pilot or beta test for such a feature. Thank you.

  • Yes ! It's very important for us - recurring tasks in projects AND in deals: We have lifetime missions for our customers, that include monthly and yearly tasks.

    Please !

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi All!

    I've heard from our team working on activities in Pipedrive that setting up these recurring activities are technically very complex. They are currently assessing how to approach it.

    In the meantime you could potentially use the workflow automation and projects templates to help you with this. You can set for example a template with all the activities and tasks on a project you plan and then with automations set triggers that will auto create a new project based on this template.

    So it's not fully automated but if you set the right trigger then new projects with the right tasks and activities will keep being created for you :) hope that helps!

  • Trattman007
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    I'm not going to add much more in terms of the reasons why recurring tasks are important, that's been covered in the thread so far. I'm only adding my support for this feature.