Very frustrated we can't collaborate on email marketing

We just moved all of our email marketing from to Pipedrive.

The concept is great, our CRM data is used to send automated email marketing to people who subscribe to our email list. Once people subscribe, depending on their 'sector' (custom field) we send them a different welcome email campaign (multiple emails, one a week for a few weeks).

What we discovered after moving, was that the automations (send multiple emails, one a week for a few weeks) are owned by a user and are not accessible to other users. Not only can we not edit or adjust it to work as a team, but we can't even see it - even as an Admin.

i.e. As a colleague, I can see the individual Automated Email Campaign emails, but I cannot see the order of them, the delays between them, the triggers, etc.

This is very important functionality, and very disappointing its not included. Surely, we should be able to make an Automation Shared? Is there a work around?