Why is workflow automation only working for manually created leads and not imported ones?

Afternoon all,

I am trying to create an automated workflow which will automatically send a templated email and then generate a follow-up call activity a few days later. For some reason I can only get the automated email activity to work (and not the creation of the follow-up call activity). However, the automation only works when leads are added manually as opposed to imported into the system via spreadsheet...

99% of the leads will be imported via spreadsheet so this is pretty frustrating!

If anyone has any suggestions as to what might be the issue, please do let me know!

Many thanks,



  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, David!

    Workflow automations are not supposed to work with imported items, which is a system's behaviour to prevent unwanted bulk actions.

    When it comes to the difficulties you are having with the automation itself, please reach out to our support team via in-app chat or via email at [email protected], so that we can investigate and assist you further.

    Thank you.