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Hello there, I have stumbled upon a bit of a process problem. So we have 2 teams in our business, Outside Sales (Todd) and Internal Account Managers (Dwight, Jim). When Todd goes out and brings new business in he starts the deal but then, after the conversation is started and is presented with a business opportunity, he will introduce the new customer to Jim and transfer the deal ownership to him. At the the end of the month they would like both to have that shown in the reports (i.e. deal values, deal numbers, conversion rates, etc)

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas on how I can optimize Pipedrive to reflect that?

Edit: A solution I found so far is to create 2 different reports, one based on deals created by creator and another report based on deals created by owner (to reflect the stats of the new internal owner of the deal after it gets transferred anywhere along the process)


  • Here are a few suggestions that may work on their own or in concert with each other.

    1. custom deal details field which allows for selecting another Pipedrive user. Todd would be selected here for reference after ownership of the deal is transferred to Jim.
    2. Todds initial deal is marked as and considered Won once he was able to get the client to work with an in house rep such as Jim. A new deal is started when Jim takes over the client for tracking more direct sales. Todd’s initial deal can just be set to a dollar value of 1 dollar. Kinda sounds like Todd may be more or less doing business development rather than direct sales?
    3. The company record can have the field referenced in suggestion 1 so that all future deals associated with that company can be tied back to Todd Packer.

    that's what comes to mind so far.

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    Thank you for your suggestions Brad, all very helpful. Just a question regarding your first suggestion, if Jim would then win a deal, would the Win be counted for Jim as well as Todd?

  • That was my thought that the sales deals with the real sale value would be marked as won for Jim, yes.