Setting up an API in

Hi, can anyone help me figure out how to make an API call using

I am trying to add a note to a Lead using They don't have this feature, but it seems possible using the 'make an API call' with Pipedrive.

This is as far as I got, but I don't think it is correct. has documentation, but the fields differ from the Shopify example in their tutorial. (here:

I read through Pipedrive's API documentation, but I am still lost.

I hope someone can help explain this to me. I would love to use this as an example to learn how to take advantage of their API.



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    Hi, if you want to use the make call API in Make, it works, like this

    URL - here it goes what is at the end of url (you can find in API documentation) - in your case URL = notes

    Method - POST - that is correct

    Headers - this is a place where you communicate how you are sending request - I am telling, that my request will be in form of json

    Key = Content-Type

    Value = application/json

    Query String - leave empty

    Body - this is where json belongs - if you want a simple request - note "abc" to lead_id xy - this is the json

    {"lead_id":"your value","content":"abc"} - you can then play by expanding

    NOTE! Be aware that post api calls can be nasty - you can post something that if you do not understand api calls properly, it can mess your data. Try to experiment on one lead_id and then scale.

  • Is it possible to format the text that is passed as content into the note?

    It would be awesome to give it some styling or for example a new line.