How to use Projects effectively in your workflow and have correct Reports

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For Project Management we were using ClickUp, however, due to the fact Pipedrive is offering Projects feature we are thinking to move our Project Management into Pipedrive as well. We want to have all information about the customer/lead/deal/project in ONE place.

However, I have a question regarding Reports/Insights and Processes.

I operate a recruiting agency business. Our customers are paying us a deposit fee at the beginning of the project. Final (full) payment for the project is paid ONLY if the customer has hired a candidate that we recommended.

For the moment our pipeline setup looks like this:

1. Sales pipeline. We use it for open deals that DIDN'T make a deposit payment.

2. Ongoing projects pipeline. Once the deposit fee is paid we move a deal to an "Ongoing projects pipeline".

This is where it gets tricky. FOR US the deal is won ONLY when a Client is successfully hiring a Candidate with us. So it means that we change the status of a deal to WON only then when we close the project - the customer hired a candidate that we recommended.

So knowing this.... If we start using Pipedrive Projects in our process:

  1. How should we make the setup of the pipeline? Should we stop using "Ongoing Projects" pipeline and just transfer all ongoing projects from the "Ongoing Project" pipeline to Projects section of Pipedrive?
  2. Insights and Reports. How this will impact the reports? If we issue the final invoice only at the end of the project, doesn't it mean that Insights will show only Deposit payment revenues? Or is it still possible to add extra revenues later in the Projects section?

Thank You for your help!


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Adomas

    Thanks for writing. I just want to clarify that we unfortunately at the moment don't yet have Insights & reports based on projects and tasks in there. If this is critical I'd recommend to keep using the current setup until we fix this. It's high on the priority list :)

    Otherwise you can probably indeed best split up the sales in the deals and the projects in the project section. For more in depth help it's better to reach out to our customer support via the in-app chat to discuss what can work best for you.

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    Are there plan to add reporting out of Projects? If so, when is that expected/

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    @Mike van der Valk Do you happen to have an update on the timeline for Insights on Projects? Thank you!

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @AHowell and @LeoAnzoleaga

    Currently there is not active timeline for Project Insights, it at the moment hasn't been prioritised on the roadmap unfortunately. We keep monitoring and organizing incoming feedback like this in our future prioritisation but for now it's not in the plans yet, sorry.

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