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Dear all,

  1. Add the possibility tha have custom names on the objects Person, Organizarion, Prospects, Deals. Since you are not always working with the same appellation "organizations", it would be nice to add a a possibility to add a custom name. Why? To personalize the system and avoid misunderstanding when introducing the system to the end-users after a Go live.
  2. It would be very smooth if you add a function that let the admin to add a custom box in the objects (Person, Deal etc) that contains of custom fields. Depending on stage in pipeline, the box could through a set of rules, appear or disapear.
  3. Open up the possibility to only add Obligatory fields in specific phases of the pipeline. As for now, the obligatory field can only be added from the one selected and then the phases after will also need to join the rule.
  4. On the Project module, add the dashboard possibility. Would be awesome to set up KPI:s and see progress etc.
  5. Instead of working with boxes in a deal, could you add different tabs? I recieved feedback today from our sales persons regarding the overload of information. During a sales process, the sales persons need to see the most important data right away. The risk is otherwise that this will be drowned in the other data. Could easily be solved if you add tabs for "Projects" or other objects instead of fitting all info in one single view.
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  • Also, It would be awesome to have the possibility to group automatizations within different areas. Just one long list will lead to poor visibility in future.